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    Westwood Monthly 1.19: Weclome to the New Year!

St. Patty's Scramble, NEW! Senior Monday's, Winter Course Maintenence, Bridal Showers at Westwood

westwood monthly newsletter january 2019
Purchase Your 3 Round Golf Special Before They're Gone!
Great news! We're extending the sale of our 3 Round Golf Special. Only a limited amount of these specials remain. Purchase yours through our website before they're gone!!!
Get 3 rounds of golf, cart included, for $120.00. Your rounds can be used any day or time and expire 12/31/2019.
They will be available for purchase until they sell out! Click here to get yours today.
St. Patty's Scramble
Get lucky and hit the greens at our next in-house golf outing, St. Patty's Scramble!!! Register now to enjoy plenty of food, beer, and GOLF!

-Saturday, March 16, 2019 / 9am Shotgun Start
-2-Man Scramble
-Closest to the Pin & Longest Drive Competitions
-Includes: Greens Fees & Cart, Draft Beer During Golf, Hot Dog Ticket, Buffet & Prizes following Golf
The cost is $150 per team of 2.
(Reduced rate for members)
Payment is due at time of registration.

Please note that you will not be fully registered until payment has been received.
To register your team online, 
CLICK HERE, enter the required information, and continue to payment. OR, call the pro shop to pay by phone. You will need each player’s name, email, phone number and handicap. 856-845-2000.
NEW! Senior Monday's
Every Monday from open until close, seniors (62+) can enjoy 18 holes of golf with a cart for just $29.00!! Please note that this special cannot be combined with any other offers.
Winter Maintenence
The winter months are the perfect time to complete projects around the course and clubhouse to prepare us for the warmer months ahead. On the golf course, you’ll notice that trees directly in front of the tee box on Hole 15 have been removed. OnHole 12, large trees on the left have been removed to make the fairway more accessible. Large trees on the right on Hole 4 have also been removed to make the fairway more accessible. We’ll be doing tree work on Hole 16 in the near future. In the clubhouse, we’re in the process of converting a storage room into a men’s changing room with lockers and benches. We’re excited for this project to be completed soon. Like & follow us on Facebook to stay up to date about winter maintenence!
HOT! TaylorMade Club Fitting
Sunday March 10th from 10am to 2pm at Westwood. $50 club fitting fee includes club fitting with a TaylorMade representative on our TrackMan golf simulator and a detailed report sent right to your email. Fitting fee will be waived if a club purchase is made. Call the Pro Shop to reserve your half hour time slot: 856-845-2000.THESE SPOTS WILL GO FAST!
Reserve Trackman Times Online
reserve times on our state of the art trackman simulator

Bridal Showers at Westwood
Wedding season is quickly approaching! Located in a private setting overlooking the golf course, Westwood's banquet facility provides an ideal location for your Bridal Shower or event. We can accommodate groups big or small, with multiple packages to choose from. Our Banquet Manager will work with you to ensure the day is perfect for the bride-to-be!
For more information, or to set up a meeting, please fill out the banquet inquiry form on our website, or call 856-845-2000.
Host Your 2019 Golf Outing at Westwood
When planning your 2019 golf outing, look no further than Westwood Golf Club. Whether it's a corporate outing or charity fundraiser, every tournament is provided the same professional service and experience.
If you’d like breakfast before golf, or an awards banquet after, Westwood offers a variety of outing options that are sure to meet your needs. Let us help plan your golf outing today: 856-845-2000. Don't forget to ask about our MONDAY OUTING SPECIALS!

Club Head Speed: How Do We Find It?
If you are like most of us this time of year, you’re watching more golf on TV then playing it. Not something we want to be doing. Most of the tournaments on TV are the Pro tours. We are watching the 1%, the best players in the world.  How do they hit a ball so far?  We know the answer is Club Head Speed, being in great shape, and hitting the ball in the center of the clubface.

What creates the most Speed?  As you are addressing the golf ball think of your body in two parts. Your tailbone, hips, legs, and feet are your base and connect you to the ground. Your base gives you balance and allows you to turn your upper body without falling over. Your upper body is what we want to think about because it is what creates speed in the golf swing.  Try this sometime; make sure you have plenty of space on both sides of you and sit on a bar stool.  Take a club and start swing it; you will be amazed how much speed you generate by just turning your shoulder, arms, and setting the club with your wrists.  Allow your hands to feel the grip by setting the club in your back swing and releasing your hands, wrist, and forearms as you swing the club. Don’t be surprised to feel like you’re creating more speed sitting on the stool then standing over the ball. A second easy drill to do this time of year is to get your 6 iron and hold it by the club end not the grip end. Never try this drill holding the grip end of the club. Swing hard enough to hear the “swish” sound and do it until your arms get tired. You are feeling the speed you want to create when you hit the golf ball.

Creating Strength to get more Speed We may not go to the gym as much as we should and we may not have a trainer to show us the proper workout to create more speed. There are however some easy things we can do at home to build up our strength and stretch our muscles. Hold your arm straight out in front of you palm up. Take your other hand and pull your fingers toward you as far as you can hold for 10 sec.  Now, turn your palm towards the ground and push your wrist down and back as far as you can for 10 sec. Do these ten times with both hands. Get a tennis and ball keep it on your table by the chair you watch TV in.  Hold the ball in the center of your hand and squeeze it as hard as you can, hold for 10sec. Do this with both hands as many times as you can and set goals every night.  Get a light weight, 10lbs. or so, and hold your arm down by your side, flex your wrist out and in as many times as you can. Believe me you may not think this will increase your hand speed but it will. Try to do some or all of these exercises 5 days a week.
Hitting the ball in the Center of the Club In golf it’s called “squaring it up”. You know that feeling you get every once in a while, when practicing or playing when you hit a shot and say, “I didn’t even feel like I hit that and it went so far”. You just compressed the golf ball of the center of the club.  (1) Play the ball in the correct place in your stance. (2) With your irons, the handle of the club always needs to be in front of the ball at impact. (3) With your driver make sure the ball position is just off your left heal.  (4) Set two clubs or rods on the ground when you practice in the form of the letter “T”.  One will be your line for direction, use the other to see where the ball really is in your stance.