Here at Westwood we are growing Bermudagrass, which is a turf- type that is usually grown in Southern and Western regions of the country. Its considered a warm-season grass that actively grows from late spring through the hot summer months. Its extremely sensitive to cold temperatures which is why it appears to be "dead" or dormant coming out of winter into early spring. This is seen on 7 fairway and a number of tee boxes. Its in fact very much alive and beginning to "green up" now. It needs both air and soil temperatures to warm up in order for it to begin to grow. The benefits of Bermudagrass are its ability to rapidly grow, its heat tolerance and for its durability.  We sodded some our "weaker" areas that historically declined in the hot summer months. I have attached a few photos of the bermudagrass waking up from the cold winter months. By May, the bermudagrass will be a healthy green color and will blend with the rest of the course. 


As we strive to attain impeccable conditions, we ask all golfers to please fill your divots throughout your round. For your convenience, there are divot containers filled with seed/soil on our Par 3 white tees. So please fill/replace your divot after you have teed off. Properly repaired divots will help the turf recover quickly as possible and restores a smooth playing surface. An unrepaired divot can take months to heal, and it may never fully recover. Repairing divots maintains good playability for your fellow golfers and sets a positive example of caring for the course. The divot you repair today could give you a better lie the next time around....And remember: to fill, or not to fill, there is no question.

IMG_1738 (2).jpg
IMG_1773 (1).jpg


Core aerification of greens will take place on Monday (22nd) & Tuesday (23rd) of next week. We will be quad -tining, using 3/8 inch tines that will be topdressed with sand filling in all holes.  This process of core aerification is less disruptive then the usual method. Although the hole size is much smaller then previous years, we will be able to cover more surface area of greens and will recover much quicker.



For the 2021 season we have changed out our flags and pin position system. The flags are now color coded according to location on green. Red is for pin positions in the front 1/3rd of green, White is for pins located in the middle of green and Yellow is pins located in back 1/3 of green.



Today we begin our spring aerification on greens. We are deep- tining the greens with 12-18 inch solid tines to help with drainage. In the next couple weeks we will be performing a variety of different aerification techniques that are critical to sustain healthy turf throughout the summer months. We will update these processes as we move forward. Thank You.