Adding Green Drainage

9/25/2021: We’re adding green drainage on holes 7 & 13, which will significantly improve the turf quality. Weather pushed this project back a day. 13 was done Friday and 7 will be complete today. We appreciate your understanding as the benefits will far outweigh the very short inconvenience.

The Benefits of Bermudagrass

4/20/2021: Here at Westwood we are growing Bermudagrass, which is a turf-type that is usually grown in Southern and Western regions of the country. Its considered a warm-season grass that actively grows from late spring through the hot summer months. It’s extremely sensitive to cold temperatures which is why it appears to be “dead” or dormant coming out of winter into early spring. This is seen on 7 fairway and a number of tee boxes. It is in fact very much alive and beginning to “green up” now. It needs both air and soil temperatures to warm up in order for it to begin to grow. The benefits of Bermudagrass are its ability to rapidly grow, its heat tolerance and for its durability. We sodded some our “weaker” areas that historically declined in the hot summer months. Below are a few photos of the bermudagrass waking up from the cold winter months. By May, the bermudagrass will be a healthy green color and will blend with the rest of the course